Founder of PeakPotential in 2011. Coach, Mediator, Mentor, Psychologist. Believes in reaching your full potential through clarity, honesty, and relentless teamwork. Profits from a 20year experience in leadership and training, having worked in over 20 countries. In other lives enthusiastic backpacker, canyoning-guide, Muay-Thai-enthusiast, punkrocker. Learn more


If you need an energetic workshop in a purpose-driven environment, your paths will lead to Melanie. Senior consultant, facilitator and coach with a serious experience managing teams and projects in global companies. C-Level or Trainees, 2 or 2000 people, Mel will get the most out of every setting. Power-house with a passion for design and creativity.


After having worked in the political arena in Bonn and Berlin for a few years, Ilka now passes on her experience as a trainer and consultant. She just understands people and their roles in organizations in their ongoing struggle between clarity and harmony. Ilka stands for “as well as” rather than “either-or” when it comes to the balance between health and performance, orientation and growth. Hails from the neurosciences, “because the brain makes the soul”.


As a psychologist, therapist and coach Nina wholeheartedly focuses on her coaching clients. She opens spaces for vulnerability, worries and weaknesses before developing horizons and solutions. Stubbornly on track to make modern work more human. Dog-walking Bavarian, with a passion for down-hill skiing.


After over 20 years managing global teams in the IT-industry, Peter is now sharing his experience and vast knowledge in his role as trainer, coach, podcaster and author. He experienced the demanding role of a leader – but knows it can be taught and learned. Expect a contagious passion for Artificial Intelligence, Design Thinking and Behavioral Economics.


Having supported leaders and employees from within the IT and the entertainment industry for over a decade, Shabeena is now offering her support as part of our team – and supporting her clients she as does! She walks the line of delivering sales and negotiating trainings as well as helping our clients developing a clear stance with regards to mental health, diversity, equity and inclusion. Hails from the UK, loves food and dance.