Lucky Eddie: "Hägar, how did you become our boss?"
Hägar (the Horrible): "Perseverance, genius, and just plain bad luck."

Challenge: In times of tough competition it is crucial for companies to stay attractive for the most talented people out there. Only companies and organizations with an appealing leadership culture AND leaders who are willing and able to deliver this role will be those attracting and retaining the best talent. Likewise, some managers experience a rude awakening when they realize what the task of being responsible for other people’s results and well-being entails. Taking care of people is more than signing off vacation requests and handing out budgets.

Our service: Ever since founding PeakPotential, we have supported our customers in developing the leaders in their organizations into “conscious leaders”: Those who are actually aware of the job as a people lead, take their time for it, know about the options when dealing with difficult situations and have the proper tools at hand.

Working with interculturally experienced trainers (who have all been in leadership roles themselves), business actors, outdoor experts and employment lawyers, we have established interactive, action-oriented and above all sustainable programs. All adapted to your leadership team and your organization. Typical themes are

  • Leading diverse teams across generations
  • Agile leadership vs. traditional leadership roles: what fits when?
  • The role of the leader between authenticity and spectacle.
  • Be a conscious manager! Define goals, recognize options, make decisions, acknowledge the price tag.
  • Understand and use your own motives & values and those of your employees.
  • Strengthen emotional intelligence
  • How to properly delegate: responsibility vs. tasks?
  • Build and maintain resilience & psychological safety.
  • Addressing critical issues: give appropriate, timely and correctly dosed feedback.
  • Managing within the law: What am I allowed to do, what do I have to do?
  • Dose sprints and cooldown appropriately – In order to reach the peak potential!

Our impact: Managers who are clear about their role, make conscious decisions, and not just follow their instincts. Who take people with them. Who have an impact in the company and who contribute to the achievement of goals together with their team. Your managers will not experience exhausting theory-sessions, but tons of practical transfer skills through exercises, role plays, simulations, discussions. And even though we hail from Germany, they may end up having fun through it all.

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‚Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face.‘
Mike Tyson

Challenge: Creating a vision, a leadership retreat, a project-kick-off, getting to know each other as a team, the development of common goals and rules, the onboarding of new employees, or the preparation of a negotiation: Sometime it pays to bring the team together and make sure creativity is at its peak and everyone is on board: opinions can be expressed, concerns addressed, points of friction are recognized and discussed in order to lay the basis for effective conflict management.

Our Service: On-site or digital implementation, a post-it battle or an outdoor team building: Our experienced facilitators are trained and certified in approaches such as OKR , SCRUM, Design Thinking, Motivational Interviewing. Three people or 300, tell us what you want to achieve, and we will come up with the appropriate framework.

Our Impact: We focus on you and your topics, providing the right methods and framework so that you can concentrate on the content and the people. It may be playful and creative, but always with the necessary focus. And we are experienced enough to know that even the best planning can be crashed by the dynamics of the workshop. Don’t worry, we will stay calm, go with your flow, adapt the methods, always focusing on your goal.

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Tolerance (n.): To suspect, the other person could be right.
Kurt Tucholsky

Challenge: Unfortunately, (project) teams and managers often miss the moment when different goals or priorities can be clarified and conflicts can be avoided (e.g. using workshops, see above). This may result in complex, often emotional, but definitely costly conflicts. Mediative approaches can help to see through the mist and find common ground.

Our Service: Conflict resolution workshop, in person or remotely. As certified mediators, we provide you with a secure framework in which you can address issues and problems and create solutions.

Our Impact: All parties speak their mind, the differences surface, all the time “translated” by us into non-violent language. The relevant needs and interests are identified and solutions that are acceptable for all parties can be designed.

Hot tip: Don't let your conflicts simmer for too long, so that mediation turns into palliative care. Conflicts are like breasts and prostates – do your check-ups and take early measures!

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There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval.
George Santayana

Challenge: The stress of the Corona period and the subsequent crises brought many people to their limits. Digitization, rationalization, acceleration of processes, increasing competition in the globalized world, poorly trained or simply bad executives: the pressure felt is increasing. And while the home office has many advantages, in the post-corona work environment we pay a dear price due to the dissolution of work boundaries, the lack of social contacts and the lack of exercise.

Our Service: With individual coaching sessions we help our clients to focus in times of crisis, to bundle their strengths, to set clear limits in order to reach those long term goals. We will work with you on your (or your team’s) resilience, your ability to deal with the setbacks of life by offering you the necessary protected framework to address and tackle your issues.

With athletes we have a substantial track record in planning and processing tough competitions, the optimization of mental processes, dealing with defeats, injuries and other setbacks.

Our Impact: To be accepted as a person, to find a safe space for worries and fears. But in the end, to work out possible solutions and take actions.

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Focus Psychological Safety: A study conducted with Google employees in 2015 found that there is an overarching factor that makes high performing teams: Psychological Safety.
Feeling safe and accepted as an individual no matter what creed, feeling safe to learn and to make mistakes and even to initiate changes. Creating psychologically safe environments requires competent managers who promote and deliver a constructive feedback culture.
We will design an exciting workshop for you, in which your team will set up relevant rules to create a culture of growth and challenge; but also one of psychological safety.